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YouTube Certified Auto Mechanic Sticker. Tool Box Sticker, Indoor Outdoor.

YouTube Certified Auto Mechanic Sticker. Tool Box Sticker, Indoor Outdoor.

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NEW Vinyl Decals.

Made in USA



I have decided to phase out free economy shipping and only offer free 1st class package.
This is the only way Ebay can offer protections to buyers and sellers.


Need a color, size, style not listed?

Contact me and I can make it happen…


Have a project, sign, or vehicle lettering that needs to be designed? Let me know.



*Apply to: MOST Clean dry and warm (+45F ) Surfaces*


Be careful with some ATV and other plastics, we have seen some adhesion issues due to coatings and plastic types.



   *This is a 1 Pair set die cut decal.


*Decals are made from a premium waterproof vinyl that are die cut.

*Durability: 10+ years indoors, 6+ years outdoors.



General FAQ:


Question:  How soon will my order ship?

Answer:  I have a goal of shipping out orders within 24 hours. I do have a real job during the day and other obligations that may get in the way sometimes. If I need to order a color I will let you know asap.


Question:  Where is my package?

Answer: 1. Contact Me First! 

       2. If you chose 1st Class Package Tracking is provided. BUT, if your package shows delivered or is still in transit it is not considered lost.

       3. If you chose Expedited Priority 3 Day packages are tracked and insured. So, following USPS guidelines (15 days) we can file a claim for lost or damaged items.


Question:  I didn’t get my order, will you refund me?

Answer: No, Unless you chose Expedited Priority 3 Day, then a missing or damaged claim can be filed.


Question:  Why is my package arriving later than Ebay’s estimation?

Answer: Ebay only offers an estimate on time. Factors can and will slow delivery such as Holidays, Peak Times, USPS Labor issues etc…


Question:  Do you offer other colors?

Answer:  Yes! See the color chart for more choices. If you see a color you want, shoot me a message and I can tell you if there is any lead time on the vinyl I may not stock. I also offer neon. Chrome, Mettallics, Patterns, Reflective and Heat Transfer garment vinyl.


Question:  Do you offer any other designs or sizes?

Answer:  Yes, if you have an idea, let me know! Also I can cut these in your custom size as well.


Question:  Why didn’t my vinyl stick? Is it old?

Answer:  I purchase vinyl by roll and keep so the chances of getting an old decal are very slim. Most of the time it is surface issue. The surface MUST be clean, dry and warm for application. Cleaning with soap and water then isopropyl alcohol is best. Some surfaces especially plastics can have a coating which can be very difficult to adhere to. If a surface has ever been cleaned or coated with a silicone or Teflon product, the decal may not stick. Sometimes it’s best to test the area first with some simple masking tape to see if it will adhere.

Please note many ATV's and other powersports Use a LOW ENERGY PLASTIC. This type of plastic requires a high tack decal, which I do not offer at this time.

Also beware of powdercoat and even some type of paint. If you are not sure request a scrap test piece with your order (FREE)

Also, remember decal adhesives take 24 hours to cure after application.


Question:  Do you use high quality vinyl?

Answer:  Yes, Always… My go to brands are Starcraft HD, Oracal and Lumina. These are all 5 to 7 year rated vinyl.